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"Natalie is energetic, expressive and clearly loves teaching music.  Her passion is evident and her presentation of the songs is creative and memorable, both of which are essential elements in effective language instruction." 


"I used to be fluent in Spanish, but lost most of my vocabulary in recent years due to lack of exposure. Attending class and listening to the music regularly has brought back a lot of the skills I thought I'd lost. My 2.5-year-old now uses some Spanish words, which is amazing!"


"We love, love, love this class and I totally appreciate all the work Natalie has put into it. I am so impressed that she's created this program on her own. Thank you so much for offering this program as part of the curriculum."


"I believe it's a great family activity that promotes learning on many levels (musical, language, motor skills)and a bonding experience."


"I think it is a great opportunity for a child of any age to be exposed to vocabulary. Even as adults we know that things tend to stick in our brains more so if they are attached to a tune. Thus, I think it's a great opportunity for families to "teach" vocabulary to their child without overtly teaching."


"Music has been an important part of my life since I was a child and, thankfully, Natalie's class opened a whole new world of music appreciation to my 2.5-year-old son! Natalie's wonderful song selections, presentation of the material and passion for teaching language and music have not only boosted my child's confidence, but have also helped to improve his English and Spanish skills significantly. I cannot think of one negative thing to say. Muchas Gracias!"


"The class was fun and educational both with regard to music and Spanish language. My kids really enjoyed it as did I, and I think Natalie did a great job."


"Natalie was so great. My children loved her enthusiasm!!! " 


I am picking up Spanish much more quickly than I did in high school and college because of Natalie's movements and gestures with each song. They should teach Spanish this way to adults!! My daughter is really learning the songs as is wonderful to hear her singing in Spanish."


"Natalie has great energy and creativity. She also annunciates each word which helps us learn the lyrics faster."


"Natalie is an outstanding teacher."


"Natalie was awesome working with all the parents!" 


"It's obvious that Natalie put a lot of time and energy into creating the book and music."


"I learned a lot of vocabulary words that I never learned in ALL those college classes...!" 


"Natalie is amazing.  She's a fantastic teacher, has a beautiful voice, and is very dynamic.  My child loved her to death.  I can't say enough positive things about her."


"My children had such an interest in Spanish.  They beg me to listen to it all the time, and my 5 year old teaches others words he's learned.  I think singing and acting out the songs is one of the best ways to learn Spanish.  It was fun to do a new kind of music class." 


"This is a fun, delightful class, where your child can practice Spanish, be exposed to great music, and have a lot of fun!" 


"The music introduces you to Spanish in a whole new way.  For those that Spanish it really helps you speak it more to your child."


"My daughter and I enjoyed the music and learning some Spanish... I have had more confidence to attend Spanish story time at the library to expose my daughter to Spanish. We even sometimes recognize a song and can sing along during story time."


"The songs were fun to listen to and I liked the variety of styles."


"You are doing a great job...The songs are easy and catchy.  The classes are a lot of fun.  My daughter likes to look at the pictures in the book while I sing the song.  I like break downs of the rhythm and tonal patterns.  Great class!" 

"The boys love Miss Natalie!" 


"Natalie was great, we loved the class." 


"I like this collection of songs very much.  Natalie always brings positive energy to class and thinks up fun, creative dances.  My daughter especially loves the 'elephant dance' on the net and 'mama mia' gestures.  She really likes Natalie and feels cared for by her." 


"My daughter is learning a lot of words, she has fun and she loves being in the class. She loves Natalie and she is beginning to sing the songs in the class and at home."


"Natalie you're wonderful! We love the class and can't say enough great things about it. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm, creativity and patience!"


"Natalie does a wonderful job letting kids express themselves freely while maintaining a consistent structure to the class. Not an easy task and I admire her capability."


"Natalie does a great job! She seems to be a natural with kids and music."


"We love the Musical Spanish class. My child says, 'I thought this class was excellent.' We love Natalie , the songbook, the visual aids and the class in general. My Spanish is getting better too!"


"Natalie is a great teacher who has a beautiful voice and is very dynamic and makes the class super fun!"


"My daughter and I really enjoyed learning Spanish through music. As a non-Spanish speaker, I was apprehensive about the class but Natalie made me extremely comfortable"


"Natalie is awesome! My kids get so much out of her classes. She is very engaging and energetic. We all love taking what we learn in class and singing and dancing during the week at home. Our Spanish vocabulary has grown a lot and we look forward to taking more Spanish Music Classes with Natalie."


"Natalie, really makes the songs come to life."


"Natalie is perfect!"


"Natalie brings great energy to the class, which clearly resonates through the little ones.  With always a smile on her face, she makes singing in Spanish both fun for adults and children.  I also am impressed with the amount of work that she has done to incorporate the ideas behind 'Music Together' in the song selections and class structure, making the class just as much about music as it is about language.  The real joy I find, however, is watching my toddler wake up singing the songs in Spanish and reciting short passages in the songs when she hears a familiar Spanish word!"


"My toddler and I loved Miss Natalie's Spanish class.  At first, my son was a little shy, but Natalie is great at getting everyone involved and after a couple of classes, my son was dancing around and singing the words.  It's a great way to introduce a new language."


"Natalie is a spectacularly good teacher. She imparts learning gently and with great joy.”


“Natalie is great and the song choices were excellent. I would love to sign up again!”








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