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Spanish Storytime at Austin Public Libraries

  1. Wednesday @ 11am: Milwood Branch Library
  2. Thursday @ 10:15am: Pleasant Hill Branch Library
  3. Thursday @ 11:00am: Little Walnut Creek Library


Online and Video

  1. Spanglish Baby: An entire website that provides parents with articles, activities, Q&A, and other resources to help raise your child to be bilingual.
  2. Speekee: Offers a series of short online videos that teach key conversation pieces in a similar format as Sesame Street.
  3. VME: KLRU now offers an all Spanish channel that has a good line up of children's programming
  4. 123 Teach Me: Interactive website that allows users to click on colors, shapes, animals etc to hear the names spoken in Spanish.  Also has a story time component with book selections in Spanish.  A book is narrated while the illustrations are shown to the user.
  5. Digital Story Place: Animated stories that are read out loud and allow children to customize the names and the selection of characters.
  6. Preschool Prep Videos: Animated cartoon videos that focus on teaching basic concepts, colors, shapes, numbers etc. 


iPhone Apps

  1. Peekaboo Barn: Inside a little bouncing barn, friendly farm animals are waiting to pop out and surprise your little one.  Try and guess who they are; tap the doors to find out! 
  2. Feed Me: Kids solve color, shape, pattern and math puzzles by dragging the appropriate items into the happy monster's mouth for him to eat up.  Choose the wrong object and your monster may get sick.
  3. Rosita's Jump Count: Simple app that helps your child learn to count in Spanish and English.  Watch Rosita jump rope at the same time as the user (yes, kids need to jump for the app to work) and she calls out the number as you jump.  Unfortunately, the app toggles between both languages and you cannot set the app to only use Spanish.
  4. Kids Spanish: Full strength version of Kids Spanish Lite.  Great sound effects help your child's early recognition with objects, numbers, colors, sports, animals, places, foods, shapes.
  5. LinguPingu: Tap an object and it comes to life with hilarious animated movements and sounds revealing the spoken word for the object in Spanish.
  6. Fetch It: Lead a dog to fetch the item that was spoken.
  7. Spanish Anywhere: Good on the go translator


Children's Books

A note about reading : Books are a wonderful way to expose your child to Spanish from an early age.  Spanish is a very easy language to read too.  There are no hard or soft vowels and consonants are only pronounced one way (as opposed to a g in English that can also be soft or hard as in "gesture" or "guard").  There are a few exceptions to this straight forward pronunciation, like the silent "h", and the silent u if preceded by g or q (for example: queso, manguera).  It is also very helpful to start reading early on, so that the complexity of the language matches your child's interest level in story line complexity.  You'll be surprised how much vocabulary and sentence structure children will be able to grasp just from hearing the words and looking at the corresponding illustrations.


  1. ¡Salta, Ranita, Salta! (Kalan, Robert)
  2. Oso en Casa (Blackstone, Stella)
  3. Oso en la Ciudad (Blackstone, Stella)
  4. Oso en el Cuadrado (Blackstone, Stella)
  5. El Ratoncito, la Fresa Roja y Madura, y El Gran Oso Hambriento (Wood, Audrey)
  6. Abuela (Dorros, Arthur)
  7. Oso polar, oso polar, ¿qué es ese ruido? (Carle, Eric)
  8. La oruga muy hambrienta (Carle, Eric)
  9. Opuestos (Boynton, Sandra)
  10. ¿Dónde está el ombliguito? (Karen Katz)
  11. La gallina hambrienta (Richard Waring)
  12. Me + Mi Boardbooks
  13. First Picture Book (Felicity Brooks)
  14. Usborne Spanish Dictionary for Beginners
  15. DLM Early Childhood Express Series booklist










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"I am picking up Spanish much more quickly than I did in high school and college because of the teacher's movements and gestures with each song. They should teach Spanish this way to adults!! My daughter is really learning the songs as is wonderful to hear her singing in Spanish."

- Kristen T. 

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